Competitive Edge – Huffman

Competitive Edge

Huffman Construction & Development doesn’t shy away from competition. We thrive on it. Our ability to keep overhead costs down has proven to give us a competitive edge in the industry. That’s not to say we don’t staff our projects properly. At Huffman Construction & Development, we have scaled our operation to meet the needs of projects ranging from small commercial build-outs to large mixed-use or industrial projects exceeding $20 million in value. By choosing us as your construction professionals, not only are clients
ensuring that they receive individual attention from a seasoned project management team, they are also receiving the full focus of the owners of our company. Being smaller in size allows us to be dedicated to our clients.

Another competitive edge that we bring to the table is our ability to self-perform some aspects of the project. Impact Building Solutions is our sister company. Impact has been in business since 2009 and specializes in interior finishes for commercial projects. By utilizing Impact, we are able to reduce cost of interior finishes while having complete control over the schedule in those categories. This has proven to result in an increase of efficiency and productivity in past projects.